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Our Truck Records 

The Corem Group, a seasoned player in the security industry, has successfully executed multi-million naira projects, establishing itself as a preferred choice for governments, federal agencies, and international companies in West Africa and Nigeria. With a proven track record, The Corem Group has completed a diverse range of projects, as following

Security supply and installation

1. Safe City project for Lagos State, Ondo state, FCT, Ekiti state, and              many more.

2. Supply and installation of security infrastructure in                                         government locations: 

     Lagos state, Ondo state, Ekiti state, Osun state.

 3. Securing the mega marine terminals: SIFAX, APMT, TICT, FIVE               STAR, and JOSEPHDAM (infrastructure installation and                             implementation, Sensor Fencing, Bollards, CCTV, Access Control,                 Control Room, and more).

4. ENI (Agip) - International Oil and Gas company's mega-sized security           projects in Delta  area.

5. Cummins (international power system) mega-sized projects in                        Ghana,Nigeria, and Senegal.


1. Full security concept at the NSA headquarters.

2. Security consultancy projects for international                         companies, federal  government, and Nigerian states.


1. Tracking system and workforce management system for            Lagos state, Ekiti state, insurance companies, and private        companies.

 2. Supply and installation of E-TICKETING system for               LAGBUS.


1. Security training for Bayelsa state, Ogun state, and Ekiti        state.

2. Supply and installation of Cyber solutions for Nigerian           banks.

3. Training and establishment of a rescue unit for Ekiti state.

4. Training NWG (Network Working Group) for Lagos state.

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