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Installtion security infrastructure 

installation Bollard system

We provides services in security infrastructures solution based on professional  risk assessment

Our expertise is in the field of:

   1.CCTV (US spec)

   2.Fences and Sensor

   3.Access control system

      (face recognition, Biometric, and


   4.Gate control systems (pedestrian and car 

      control system):

      a.Car barrier


      c.Arm Gate


   5.Alarm system (fire/volume/hit/temp etc.)

   6.Command and control software

       (combine all security systems and sites)    

   7.Smart building (controlling all building

      system from central control room)

   8.Tactical mobile CCTV for V.I.P conveys.

   9.Ultra-sonic system to prevent

      interception and record meetings


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