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Security planning

As part of our services we are providing Security planning for sensitive government, airport, and seaport facilities requires careful consideration and attention to detail.

Overview of the elements:

Security Concept of Operation (CONOP): A Security Concept of Operation outlines the overall approach and strategies for ensuring the security of a facility. It involves assessing risks, identifying vulnerabilities, and developing a comprehensive plan to mitigate those risks. The CONOP provides a high-level understanding of the security requirements and objectives for the facility.

Site-based Security Operational Procedure (SOP): A Site-based Security Operational Procedure focuses on the specific security measures and protocols to be implemented at a particular facility. It provides detailed instructions and guidelines for security personnel to follow, covering aspects such as access control, surveillance systems, emergency response procedures, and more. The SOP ensures consistent and effective security operations at the site.

On-site Staff Support: This service involves providing trained security personnel who are present on-site to implement the security plans and procedures. These staff members may include security officers, guards, or other security professionals who are responsible for monitoring the facility, enforcing security protocols, and responding

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