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About Us

CAT is a leading Co-founding Program providing Advanced Security and Cyber Defense Solutions and Services and has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cyber security with deep professional abilities which utilizes Israeli technology companies in providing unique Cyber Services & Our collective systems have been successfully deployed and proven to provide significant value to many sectors such as the military establishments, banks special security organizations, and other Government organizations within Israel and overseas. Top experts from Israeli Elite Units, Intelligence Forces and Israeli Enterprises with an extensive knowledge and experience in Cyber Security, who are dealing with Security and Cyber Defense threats on a daily basis. Representing the most advanced, emerging, innovative and leading companies & startups in the field of IT & Cyber Security in Israel. Together, we are jointly collaborating to bring cyber solution to you based on our local knowledge and technical collaboration.

Our Expertise:

As an indigenously based company, our staffs are trained by Israeli experts, known for their high professionalism in security services. Over the years we achieved customers' satisfaction and we are committed to be always ahead of other competitors. Based on our tight synergy with companies specializing in Cyber protection services and products abroad, we ensure that our dedicated clients are satisfied with our solutions.

The threats countered by cyber-security are three-fold

1. Cybercrime includes single actors or groups targeting systems for financial gain or to cause disruption.    

2. Cyber-attack often involves politically motivated information gathering.  

3. Cyberterrorism is intended to undermine electronic systems to cause panic or fear.


Our Comprehensive Product Portfolio:

  1. CAT- Cyber Security Services Strategy building, Concept and Perceptions, Mapping the existing situation and

      the required architecture protection, Provision of Cyber Intelligence Service, Cyber Solutions, Establishment of a Cyber Center        for organizations, government companies, banks and others.


    1.1 Cyber Strategy Service Strategic Mapping & Strategy Plan - mapping the existing situation and presenting gaps with                    recommendations and building strategic plan. We produce a snapshot of the organization and to prepare a plan that                  produces solutions in light. Cyber protection plan preparation including: mapping the existing client's security status,                    finding gaps and prioritization to address them, including recommended budget decisions. The service includes Security              Architecture Advisory - Today's security architecture must be agile, flexible, and deeply integrated. It must offer a far-                    reaching view of threats to prevent attacks and avert their worst effects.


    1.2 Cyber Intelligence Service We represent the leading Cyber Intelligence Service in Israel with a qualityand analyzed                    intelligence feeds and reports in a focused. The service is sold and serving the security/defense sector and  the

          business sector for many customers (mainly in the financial services and banking security in Israel). The Service includes                receiving intelligence updates external threats and attacks, new and advanced, general or targeted organization                        in real time, information about the weaknesses of new products in IT or security, analysis of information on attacks                        occurred organizations. The information includes technical analysis with performance indicators required for obstructions               proactive protection


    1.3 Cyber Center Design & Construction We offer organizations Design & Construction of a Cyber Center for effectively                    dealing with Cyber Attacks and as a strategic step in preparation for long-term protection of the organization. For                        organizations with existing Cyber Center, we examine the existing center and overwhelm gaps depending on each of the            subjects required. If necessary, we assist in carrying out the necessary changes. The service refers its recommendations to              all the essential parameters required: design of an effective Cyber Center with the teams requires, essential products for                controls and investigations, key personnel, methodologies and procedures, regulatory compliance.

    1.4 Cyber Command & Control We offer our customers receiving professional monitoring from a leading company in cyber                protection in Israel, with a team of experts that working and monitoring 24/7 on the leading cyber monitoring and control            systems. This C&C monitor threats and alerts received from the organization and provides relative alerts on resources that              may have been compromised by malware.


    1.5 Emergency Intervention Team We offer a service of an Emergency Intervention Team which is able to assist your company            or organization with:

          1.6.1 Coordination in the event of cyber incidents.

          1.6.2 Advice about finding a solution when cyber incidents arise.

          1.6.3 Support to prevent these security incidents occurring.


2. Cyber Security Solutions - We are representing most of the top and emerging companies with solutions in the field of Cyber          Security in Israel.


    2.1 External Perimeter Active Protection Products, including architecture design with suggestions about emerging cyber solution,            network detection and prevention products and to deal with advanced and sophisticated Cyber efficient Sandbox Attacks            and APT's.


    2.2 Endpoints Solutions. Enterprises today use a wide array of resources, platforms and endpoint devices to drive their

           business forward, but these technologies leave organizations open to attackers looking to infiltrate critical systems and                 steal sensitive data. Traditional security products are insufficient for protect forward-thinking organizations are looking for a             organizations against today’s advanced threats and malware. That’s why next-generation endpoint and server security                 solution.


    2.3 DLP Solutions. Moving beyond perimeter security with a flexible, in-depth approach to protecting data. Many                            organizations have come to recognize that their data is their most valuable resource. Unfortunately, many criminal                        elements have reached the same conclusion. The rise in high profile security breaches where an organization’s data was              stolen reflects the growing need to secure data. A security incident that results in the unintended exposure of sensitive                     information can have a dramatic effect on any organization. Efficient Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions can help reduce             the risk of this type of exposure, preventing both malicious and unintentional data leaks.

           Enable to share sensitive data scattered in multi-cloud environment with supply chain, growing remote workforce, shortage             in security talents and new regulatory requirements.

                  2.3.1 Shortage in Security talents: Novel agentless solution, implemented in hours, automatically detect and                                        remediate attacks using machine learning planting decoy data in resources located everywhere.

                  2.3.2 Proactive, real time, unique and patented training the Remote workforce, supply chain, contractors, and                                     partners.  

                 2.3.3 Protecting Scattered data in multi-Cloud: by connecting to multi-cloud resources and next-gen features as File-                              GPS, organizations never lose control of important data

    2.4 Cloud DDoS Service. Today’s complex DDoS attacks are the number one threat to the availability of networks, applications            and online services. DDoS defense requires multi-layered protection from the edge of the network to the cloud. The                      challenge is to gain an integrated on-demand solution that delivers protection from the full spectrum of modern DDoS                    attacks that target bandwidth ,applications and infrastructure, often at the same time.

    2.5 Cloud Threats Protection Service. Cloud-based threat protection helps companies find advanced malware that has evaded            existing data security measures. Security teams require evolving defenses that can actively prevent

          previously unseen threats. What today’s organizations need for their clouds are integrated, comprehensive solutions that                can deliver security intelligence. Advanced security intelligence solutions can close security gaps by using labor-saving                automation to analyze millions of events occurring within the cloud through the normalization and correlation of these                  events with advanced threat intelligence.

    2.6 Predicting Insider Threats. An insider threat is a malicious threat to an organization that comes from people within the                    organization, such as employees, former employees, contractors or business associates, who have inside information                   concerning the organization's security practices, data and computer systems. The threat may involve fraud, the theft of                 confidential information, the theft of intellectual property, or or commercially valuable the sabotage of computer systems.               Inrecent years there has been a significant increase in theft and leaked information, data tampering and fraud perpetrated             by Insider Threats. Organizations are experiencing direct damage by the loss of millions of dollars from various events in               this field and indirect damage to the reputation. We are representing a unique and emerging company which dealing                 with Prediction of Insider Threats which based on Emerging and Intelligent Expert System. The solution's starting point is to             act in order to prevent. That unique approach, stationing the solution in the "pre-event" sphere, giving an answer by                     prediction and of fering in fact a pro-active approach.


    2.7 Anomalies Detection. Early Detection of Cyber Security Threats. The challenge is to use a practical and robust anomaly                detection that will give an online alert or even help to prevent APT (Advance Persistent Threat). The importance of anomaly            detection is due to the fact that anomalies in data translate to significant (and often critical) actionable information in

          a wide variety of application domains. The solutions we represent have unique and sophisticated mechanisms with higher            added value of the other solutions.


    2.8 Mobile Security Defense. Manage and secure your entire mobile ecosystem with one solution, built for mobile. Enterprise              Mobile Security -Protecting BYOD and corporate-owned devices from network based threats, malware, and other targeted            attacks originating from both internal and external adversaries, all without changing the mobile user experience,                          compromising user privacy, or adding extra burden to IT.


     2.9 Organization's Security Level Overview. Obtain an overview of organization's security level depending on the level of                 controls versus current internal and external threats relevant to the organization. We represent many successful products                 which assist managers in the organization, starting from the CISO, to the CIO and CEO to get the organization's risks                 snapshot in terms of Information and Cyber Security in order to accordingly make decisions on prioritizing tasks and                     budget investments required


3. Physical Security Systems. We experts with the worlds advanced Sy boundaries, crossings, fences, entrances, organizations,        teachers and so on.


    3.1 Biometric Identification Systems CAT is representing a unique Israeli biometric access control product (hardware, software              and maintenance). The solution is characterized by unique one to one correspondence, calling the structure of arteries and            veins in the palm of your hand


4. CAT- Business Continuity and Crisis's management. Consulting organizations in their business continuity plan, in light of the            crisis's situations including cyber threats and implications for the organization and cyber solutions.


Our Areas of expertise:

It strongly suggested to start with the Strategic Mapping Service for a thorough needs mapping and carrying out several meetings in order to fully accommodate the services and products we offer. According to the client's current need and in consultation with CAT experts we can tailor a focused solution including a presentation.

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